Saturday, June 18, 2011


Around a month ago, my friend Sivan, through some unfortunate (albeit quite interesting) situation was made to shave her head. I thought it looked absolutely fantastic on her and I knew we had to take some shots. I had a wonderful time that afternoon, and I hope she is doing well while she is currently in Egypt. Without further ado, photos:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sam & Marissa

 These two. Wow. It's always such a joy to be around two people who are this much in love. It just positively radiates from them. I have known Marissa for quite some time now, so when it came about that Sam had proposed, I just new we had to schedule a shoot. So, without further ado, photos:

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Luna's

Wow, this wedding was a blast. I have the best clients ever. Gina is a talented photographer and all around great person. Her husband Eduardo is a wonderful person and judging by the love these two radiate, these two will be around for a long long time. I had such a wonderful time. Like I said before, I can't believe how great the caliber of people allow me to share in there big day. Without further ado, photos:

Because time was short and it was freezing cold on the big day, the bride and groom decided to postpone their couple's photos until after the honeymoon. Unfortunately, by the time we got to the photos, Eduardo was already back in France with Gina on the way. So, these are a few of the shots Gina and I got of her in her dress a couple of weeks ago: