Saturday, September 26, 2009

Songs From the Revelator Collection

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The Puyallup Fair, in my opinion, is the epitome of modern Americana. You get people from all different walks of life coming and paying exorbitant amounts of money to ride dubiously safe attractions and eat the artery clogging deliciousness that is "fair food." And while you are inundated at the wonder this country has grown to be, that's when they try to sell you stuff. Now, my point of this little rant is to say that I understand the occasional compulsive buy (i.e. a pack of gum or mints at the supermarket) but, hot tubs? Seriously? You're going to try to sell me a hot tub. Or better yet, a "Gazebo-enclosed Spa?" Wow.. I never knew that the type of people who go to fairs have $9000 to spare. Maybe they should switch places with the food places so the people could have the money left to consider the proposition. Going back to ridiculous compulsive buys, I understand that the selling of hot tubs and fireplaces have long been a mainstay at state fairs, but I think they took it a little too far this year. Whilst perusing the tents of people selling their wares, I discovered something. Land. People were selling land at the Puyallup State Fair. Hmm... That's how I plan on buying property, from a guy in a tent at a carnival. Interesting.

I feel as if I'm spending too much time on this. Moving on. My day at the fair was a day well spent. I got to spend my last day of summer vacation with my favorite couple! We walked around, saw a man in a cowboy hat do tricks with little dogs (somewhat strange), saw the Weird Al exhibit that had some awesome celebrity cameo's (Tim Heidecker, Eric Werheim, Patton Oswalt, Fabio, etc...), got tackle hugged by the Muttin' Bustin' mascot "Buster", and got hit on by a Samoan woman. All in all a good day. Saw the last few minutes of a Puyallup High School Football game, then drove home. However, I did reallize something that day. Being third wheel with such a happy couple all day made me kind of realize how lonely I get sometimes. It kinda sucks. I mean, don't get me wrong, I absolutely love these two, but it's just... I don't know.. It just sucks sometimes. And I guess listening to Gillian Welch all night doesn't really help either. oh well. I'm going home.


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